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Mycobacteria is accepting submissions and will publish its first articles soon.

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Aims and scope

Mycobacteria is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed publication focused on advancing mycobacterial research along with their practical applications. Topics covered include:
  • basic and clinical research
  • human and animal research
  • drug discovery
  • antimicrobial resistance
  • treatment schemes
  • biomarkers
  • class descriptions
  • Soil and environmental mycobacteriology
  • Applications and biotechnology

Meet the Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Karen M Dobos, PhD, Colorado State University, USA
A portrait of the editor in chief smilingProf. Karen M Dobos graduated from Colorado State University with a PhD in Microbiology and subsequently completed fellowships at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Emory University and The Mayo Clinic. Currently, she is a Professor of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology at Colorado State University and serves as the Scientific Director for the CSU Regional Biocontainment Laboratory and the Co-Director for the Mycobacteria Research Laboratories at CSU. Prof. Dobos's research focuses on mass spectrometry approaches for identifying novel markers associated with early-tuberculosis disease events, aiming to expedite treatment and improve patient outcomes.